Information Marketing – Building Wealth With Low Risk


A 70 year old lady, at the urging and help of her grandson, posted a website selling recipes for southern cooking. The site featured 12 different recipes that each sold for $7. Within the first year she accumulated over $200,000 in orders. She spent less than 10 hours a week on her “ONLINE HOME BUSINESS.”

A 23-year-old Canadian created a one-page site that sold information on buying used cars. He racked in over $120,000 the first year. Today, over ten years later, the site consistently brings in over $500,000 a year. The site is set on automatic and pretty much runs itself.

A 69-year-old lady for Florida USA wrote and started marketing a book on arthritis. Three years later over 200,000 copies were sold online. She now travels the country without a worry in the world. She is a multi-millionaire thanks to her one page site.

Why is this important to you? Because marketing information online is the easiest online business to start and run. Its low cost, low risk makes it ideal for anyone who truly desires to build wealth from home without the headaches and troubles most businesses confront.

Here are three keys to get started;

· Find a niche market. Selling to niche markets helps you target your audience. Although you narrow your selling ability, you also hit a hungry audience. Focusing on a specific audience helps sales grow quickly.

· Find the gap. What is the niche market needing? What information can they use to enhance their hobbies, or profession, or whatever their niche is? Supplying key information, information that hits a cord within the market should be your focal point.

· Learn how and where to market your site online. The three things needed to build wealth with information is marketing, marketing, marketing. You can literately add tens of thousands of dollars over-night with the right marketing strategy. Test your strategy consistently. Hit it from as many different angles as possible. Learn where your niche market hangs out online and hit that market consistently.

Marketing information online is the by far the biggest online business out there. Any one who desires to take the time and learn how to do it correctly can develop a fantastic income. The risk is low. The start up is low. However, the rewards can be huge. Look into info-marketing and see if it may be your ticket to creating your fortune online.


Source by Mike Martinez